Health Food

Health Food

Our Partner, SBI Pharma, specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing health foods containing 5-ALA (raw material notation: 5-aminolevulinic acid phosphate).

SBI Pharma has developed and implemented their know-how both through research & development and the use of the latest technologies & trends in the industry.

All the products are manufactured under proper GMP compliance and using only the finest ingredients which are certified and guaranteed, in order to assure the perfect safety and efficacy of the product.

5-Aminolevulinic Acid Phosphate and Foods

5-ALA, which is essential for producing the energy needed to sustain life, is produced in the body of various living things, including plants and animals. For this reason, 5-ALA is found in plenty of food, but it has been reported that it is especially high in fermented food. This makes it an adequately long consumption history in the Japanese community as food or functional food.

(Note) It has been confirmed that the 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Phosphate we handle is categorized as Food by the Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW).

Amount of 5-ALA in food
(per 100g)

Source: Presentation materials from 5-ALA Science Forum 2nd Media Seminar

FOOD 5-ALA [μg]
Potato 7.0~9.0
Tofu 1
Natto 25
Soy Sauce 22
Sauce 21.2
Sake 70~353
Wine 110~173
Mushroom 5~45
Black Vinegar 150
Soybean 5~7
Carrot 0.8
Spinach 13.8
Pepper 18.1
Tomato 9.8
Onion 1.1
Cabbage 1.3
FOOD 5-ALA [μg]
Cucumber 2
Napa Cabbage 0.7
Crown Daisy 5.2
Apple 0.8
Banana 31.6
Kyoho Grape 13.6
Salmon & Trout 0.2
Tuna (Lean) 0.8
Squid 38.4
Octopus 78.4
Minced Beef 9.8
Beef Rib 0.8
Minced Pork 5.6
Minced Chicken 4.3
Kelp 0.7

User: 2nd ALA Science Forum Activity Report

Development of health food

Based on the various research results of 5-ALA, SBI Pharma considers the combination with other ingredients and the blending balance, and promotes product development with an awareness of ease of use, high quality, and safety.

Ultimately, SBI Pharma only commercializes products that have cleared the strict quality standards set out independently in-house. In addition, some products are notified as functional food based on the results of research and development, and “functionality labeling based on scientific evidence” is performed.

of health food

Because SBI Pharma develops and manufactures both pharmaceuticals and health foods, they pay close attention to quality and safety, and have obtained GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conformity certification for food in Japan and the United States. SBI Pharma manufacture products under proper manufacturing control and quality control.

About ALA PLUS +

The patented 5-ALA phosphate is used in the health foods developed by SBI Pharma. The “ALA PLUS + Trademark ®“ is attached as a proof of trust so that customers can identify products containing 5-ALA phosphate with peace of mind.

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